7 Signs You Need a Water Softener in Your Home

If you live in a hard water area, you’ve probably heard about water softeners. They are the systems that remove hard minerals from your water supply, such as calcium and magnesium. Though it’s not considered literally unsafe, hard water does contribute to negative effects on your health and your home. If you’re not if you have hard water, here are 7 signs you need a water softener.

Scale Build Up On Your Appliances

signs you need a water softenerIf you notice mineral deposits on tea kettles or coffee pots, you probably have high water. Scale can also build up within the pipes, overtime causing them to clog, become inefficient and decreasing the water flow going through them. The mineral deposits can also form in the laundry machine or dishwasher, causing blockages and shortening their lifespan. Also, with a water softener, you’ll be able to save up on the repairs and maintenance of your household’s appliances.

Dry Skin And Hair

You can also feel hard water with your hair and skin. Your skin might feel dry and itchy and makes your hair look lifeless. It leaves a residue on the skin, irritating it. Also, since hard water doesn’t lather well, people start using excessive amounts of soap and other cleaning products, which can exacerbate different dry skin conditions.

Stains on Sinks, Faucets and Bathtubs

If you have hard water in your house, you’ll notice stains on your skins and bathtubs. Again, it’s the deposits of calcium and magnesium being left behind after the water evaporates. These white spots are not that easy to clean and require a bit of scrubbing with vinegar. With a water softener, you will be able to keep these stains away for good.

Gray and Faded Clothes

Hard waters harms the tiny fibers of the clothing, making them look faded and shortening their lifespan. They will feel scratchy and start to look rough. One thing you can do is use liquid water softening detergent with your wash by adding it to the fabric softening compartment. However, the best way to get rid of this issue is by getting a good water softener that will provide softened water to all water outlets in the house.

Brittled Glassware

Another sign of hard water is the loss of sparkle on your dishes and glassware. It leaves water spots and stains since the hard water doesn’t quite wash all throughout. And it’s not because of your dishwasher. With softened water, it will be easier to clean them.

The Soaps Don’t Lathe Well

Hard water makes the soap more resistant, meaning it’s less lathery. This affects the whole cleaning process, be it in showering, doing laundry or cleaning the dishes. It results in longer cleaning time and using more of the soap or other cleaning products. You can eliminate this issue and save money on cleaning products by getting a water softener.

Your Bills Are Skyrocketing

Hard water affects your water and electricity bills. You water usage will go up since the pipe will be clogged and the water flow will be low. And your electricity bills will go up since the appliances will start to loose their efficiency. Getting a water softening system will help to save money in the long run.

If you are thinking of purchasing a water softener, we recommend checking out this site for reviews of the latest water softeners and a buying guide on how to choose the best one.

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