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Gorgeous Distresses Wood Flooring

Gorgeous Distresses Wood Flooring

For those who want different floor appearance, they can choose distressed wood flooring as good choice for your home décor. By distressing your wood floor, it can give new appearance without damaging the wood. Besides, it is cheaper ways since you don’t need much money to do distressing. It can also be used for renewing your home decors in which you are feeling bored with the old design. Distressing technique will give aging look toward your wood floor. By this, it is suitable for those who want unique or classic appearance toward the decoration.

Preparation For Distressed Wood Flooring

There is some preparation that should be done before distressing process. It can be started by covering the whole furniture even the door also with plastic or sheet for diminishing the spread out of residue from sanding process. After that, distressed wood flooring process can be continued with sanding the whole floor lightly. It is purposed to roughen previous finish for adhering new paint. You have to wiping and vacuum the whole part to remove the residue from sanding process.

Distressed wood flooring steps should be completed with painting coat as the base colors. After the base coat is dry you can put finish color toward the floor. Since the finish color is wet, you can do distressing technique by scrapping the paint. Choose the suitable tools for distressed wood flooring which can reach the hidden part even the corner, too. Furthermore, you have to choose the color which will be distressed. Also, it should create aged and unique looking. You can choose, gray tones, whites tones, brown tones, and other choices.

Distressed wood flooring should be maintained to keep its uniqueness and its aged looking. The maintenance of distressed floor is not hard to do. You just require wiping the surface with smooth fabric regularly. It can remove all dust on the surface of the floor.

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