Lower Back Pain Treatment

It could be that you bent the wrong way when trying to lift something heavy. It could also be health condition, such as arthritis. Lower back pain is quite common, especially for people between the ages of 30 to 50. Almost everyone experiences it at some point in their lives. For serious back pain, you should call the doctor, of course. But mild lower back pain treatment can be done at home.

Give It a Rest

lower back pain treatmentThis could be just reducing your level of activity for several days. The cause of your lower back pain could be all the stress from your busy schedule. Try lying on your back with a pillow under your knees. This way, your back should be kept in a neutral position. However, the rest should be moderate. Too much inactivity can cause the muscles too weaken.

Chill or Heat It

Applying a hot or cold pack can help to reduce inflammation, reducing your pain and increasing mobility. Wrap the ice or frozen vegetables in a piece of cloth in order to protect your skin from frostbite. You can use this method several times a day, 20 minutes at a time.

After a few days, you can switch to heat. Make a warm bath or use a heating bad. This will help to loosen the tight muscles, relaxing them and soothing.


Physical activity will do more help for lower back pain than just being restful. It’s an effective way to ease your aches and pains. You can include in your daily activities stretching and a light workout. You can use adapted yoga poses, swimming or just walking. Also, try to concentrate on core exercises, such as bridges and tilts. These will help to strengthen your core and back muscles, supporting your spine and making you to be less susceptible to lower back injury.

Use a Massage Chair or a TENS Unit

Try osteopathic treatment, which works by stretching and repositioning the muscles and joints. And you can ask your massage therapist to target specific areas of your body.

Going to a massage therapist is an expensive ordeal. An alternative to that is getting a massage chair. This way you can get a massage at any time you want in the comfort of your own home. Some of the higher end massage chairs come equipped with all the features to make the massage as close as possible to the massage done by real hands.

You can also get a TENS unit. These feature electrodes that you place on your skin and then they send electronic stimulation to your nerves. This helps to block pain signals going through the nerves.

Watch Your Posture

When you slump, your back is left with less support for your weight. So if you’re lifting heavy objects, watch your posture. Make sure that you’re not bending over your waist.

Alternative Medicine

These options can include acupuncture or chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic care is the process of manual realigning spine. It also realigns other weak or injured areas of the body. It reduces inflammation around joints and soothes the pain.

Acupuncture is an old Chinese method of treating injuries and illnesses, using manipulation of pressure points.

Engage Your Brain

How your brain processes pain signals also plays an important role in how the pain is perceived. By training your brain, you can learn how to reduce or ignore the pain. It’s often too easy to get swept up in thoughts that it will never get better and your emotions can sometimes translate into even more pain. So just try to do a few deep breathing exercises, accept the pain and calmly say to yourself that it will get better.

However, if you’re experiencing severe lower back pain, the pain persists even after a few days and you’re barely standing or walking, contact your doctor.

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