Content Marketing – What is it Really?

By Reid Neubert, October 22, 2014
Categories: Content Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Websites

It seems like there is a steady stream of new buzzwords in the field of marketing. One that is all the rage now is “content marketing.” What does that actually mean? Let’s do a quick investigation of the term.

According to Wikipedia, “Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers.”

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Web and Social Media Marketing Statistics

By Reid Neubert, October 15, 2013
Categories: Email Marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO, Websites

Not surprisingly, many, if not most, marketers and business owners are unsure where to prioritize their marketing resources. Especially when it comes to that many-headed monster known as “Social Media.” Here are some online marketing statistics and information that you should find useful in getting a clearer handle on these matters.

Web marketing statistics

First, some basic demographic statistics: Women make up a somewhat larger share of people on Facebook (58% to 42%) and Twitter (52% to 48%), while men are in the majority on LinkedIn (63% to 37%) and even more so on Google+ (71% to 29%). (iMedia Connection) Also, half of Google+ users are under 25 years old! …Read More

Does Your Website Confuse or Engage Visitors?

By Reid Neubert, June 6, 2013
Categories: Online Marketing, Websites

How often have you visited a company’s website, and after reading the home page, still have not been sure about what the company does? It happens all the time.

Some people think, “I must be really dense if I don’t understand what they are saying.” If that has been your reaction, take heart. The problem isn’t with you, it’s with the people who designed and wrote the website.

Confused by a website …Read More

Those Pesky Search Engine Results

By Reid Neubert, March 19, 2013
Categories: Online Marketing, SEO, Websites

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “our site needs to rank better in Google for such-and-such keyword.” At the same time, the company’s website is sorely in need of attention, if not a redo. But the thinking is that tinkering with the SEO, or search engine optimization, will make all the difference.

Times have changed. Not only do Google’s search algorithms continue to get more sophisticated, the company continues working on providing more individualized and personalized search results. That means, …Read More

Best Practices for Online Forms & Registration

By Reid Neubert, January 30, 2013
Categories: Websites

Just read a report on best practices in online registration by Janrain that contained some interesting material. We already knew that people do not like contact and registration forms on websites. Well, check out this data from the report: 86% of people have admitted to leaving a site when asked to register with a form, and 88% admit to giving false or incomplete information!

You want people who are interested to actually contact you, right? That is why I always advise clients that it is best to give site visitors the choice of emailing, calling, or filling out a brief form in order to contact them. And, when a form is used, keep it absolutely as short and simple as possible, and provide a clear privacy policy. …Read More

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